Environmental Practices

Sense of Place works hard to minimize our environmental and social impact.  Practices include:

•    Restricted service area combined with flexible scheduling to reduce miles driven 

•    Regular vehicle maintenance and airing up the tires to ensure highest MPG possible and avoid fluid leaks that might contaminate water or soil

•    Partial offset of business vehicle emissions by delivering biochar to landscapes

•    Use of water-recycling wash station for cleaning of vehicle

•    Leaving wood chips for client use.

•    Recycling of shop waste

•    Paperless billing

•    Offer and encourage organic land care practices

•    Purchase of high quality tools and regular maintenance to ensure they last

•    Use of bio-bar oil in our chainsaws, which breaks down quickly (the oil not the saw) to avoid soil and water contamination

•    No stops for fast food for lunch

•    Support for land-owners interested in creating wildlife habitat (find us on the Certified Backyard Habitat site here)

•    Support for programs that encourage business sustainability

•    Support for land-owners interested in growing their own food

•    Support of individuals, businesses and organizations working to make a difference

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