Highlights from this 2011 front yard renovation included graphic modeling to assist with placement of a bay window, development of the landscape plan, and installation.  Project details included working around existing utilities, integration with the remodeling crew and schedule, planning for reuse of a large number of treasured plants, and incorporation of memory rocks into the design.

After moving plants to be saved into a holding area, demolition cleared the slate and allowed a fresh perspective of the front of the house.  Design elements included: a tall river birch to create a canopy view from the upstairs and connect the tall, two story house with the landscape; a dry set stone patio to expand usable area next to a narrow driveway; a path for the mail carrier to continue efficiently crossing the property; and, plants that added color and texture.






The home now has a welcoming approach with plenty of room for vehicle and pedestrian access. The height of the bay window provides indoor privacy while allowing light in and a view out.

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