Removal of mishmash perennial beds and hardscaping, installation of flagstone path, dry 

       stack wall, and sod.  Additional future project phases to add bird bath with fountain, and

       perennials along back fence.


       Lawn conversion to perennial beds


       Hedge renovation and fence reconstruction         Under construction rain water catchment 

                                                                               system using IBC totes


       Greenhouse foundation                                     Finished catchment system and 

                                                                             greenhouse (note catchment piping painted

                                                                             to match house)


        Edging around bed                                          Low maintenance parking strip planting


        Fence, gate, and brick entrance pad                  Low maintenance parking strip planting


        Bamboo screening                                         Timber steps and play area


       Rainwater catchment system with stacked          Custom growing bench and light system for           

       IBC totes                                                          greenhouse to commercial kitchen fresh 

                                                                               produce program



        A friendly donkey says "Thanks for visiting Sense of Place!"   

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